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10 Cocktail Inspired Jello Shots You Have To Try!

A party just wouldn’t be as fun without some fabulous drinks! One thing I enjoy about any Bachelorette party, Girls Night Out, Birthday party, or other get together is having a great cocktail with friends! So how fun to take some favorite cocktails and make 10 cocktail inspired Jello shots!!

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3 Liquors in 3 Ways

Are you ready to try something different? Or maybe you’re looking for a way to spice up your bachelorette party drinks, but don’t want to break the bank for special ingredients. You’re in luck! Below are 3 different ways to try 3 liquors you probably already have at home. Try any one (or all) of these delicious libations on your next girls night out!

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Important Bachelor Party Strategy

BachelorAs a real-life person outside the burlesque extravaganza I occupy as #hypegirl, I asked my favorite human what he thought of my title for “Boost Your Bachelorette Bash With Baking”. His response? He loved it and showed more excitement than I expected! He said, “I think that’s great! I love bacon!” After clearing the confusion, an idea formed.

While I am not quite the connoisseur that my favorite human is, I can totally get on board for Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies!

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Creating a Memorable Party With Bachelor Party Favors

1The goal of a bachelor party is to create a fun and memorable night of debauchery for the groom before he settles down to become a married man. The rules of the bachelor party have developed over the decades. What once was left up to the imagination of the best man now has some gentlemen’s restrictions, dictated by an understanding between the groom and his bride. Here are some ideas to help the best man create a memorable evening.

Start off the evening with some Naughty Boobie Balloons and Boobie Suckers. These will set the mood and create an erotic atmosphere to get all the guys into the spirit of the night.

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Enjoy Fun Bachelor Party Gifts

1Bachelor parties can be tons of fun for the groom-to-be and the other guys involved. Some bachelor parties even invite girls! That’s not always the case. Regardless, bachelor party gifts are a must at any bachelor party. There are many different types of gifts that can be purchased for these fun occasions.

Funny Gag Gifts for Bachelor Parties

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Naughty and Funny Bachelorette Ice Lugez

Having an outstanding and unforgettable bachelorette party requires attention to detail and crazy kinky decor and party supplies. One creative way to rev up the party is to buy an ice luge. These detailed ice molds will surely be a big hit at any party.


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Bachelor Party Gag Gifts

When it comes to a wedding, normally all the focus is on the bride. From the wedding gown to the bachelorette party, the woman is the center of attention. However the groom should be celebrated as well. That’s where the concept of bachelor party gag gifts come into play. These items allow the man to get in on the wedding fun too.

With party gag gifts the bachelor gets fully hooked up with presents; that will bring a load of laughs for days, weeks and even years to come. These items are not only hilarious, but also have what it takes to really liven up a bachelor party, that is lacking the entertainment factor. Some of the most popular bachelor party gag gifts offered include furry handcuffs, x rated gum, boobs ice luge mold, leash cake topper and an inflatable party doll.

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