Bachelorette Pool Party – Beat the Heat

Summer is heating up! With the HOT temps, a pool party is a great way to beat the heat. But how do you transform an average pool party and make a bachelorette style splash? Keep reading for the Top 5 Must Have products and Beat the Heat with a Bachelorette Pool Party!

1. Beach Ball

Not your ordinary beach ball, our bachelorette versions are sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Pecker Beach Ball

Big Boobie Beach Ball

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2. Inflatables

Our great selection of party inflatables can hang out by (or in) the pool. They’ll be an ice breaker early on, and then can provide hours of entertainment!

Inflatable Pecker Pool Noodle  Inflatable Pecker Decorations Inflatable Hunk

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3. Glow Sticks

Obviously, these are fun to keep track of guests and accessorize after dark, but there are many uses for these! For starters, throw them in the pool to light things up or dive after them for a fun party game; also, put them in vases or lanterns for a cool lighting effect; and finally, place them under clear dishes and drink dispensers for after dark lighting.

Glow Stick Necklaces Assorted Glow Bracelets Pink Glow Bracelets

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4. Lanterns and Tissue Decor

These items add an instant atmosphere, and are an easy way to fill a large outdoor space with little effort. Plus you can group them around a table or area you want to draw attention to. Then, when it gets dark, you can put the glow sticks from above inside the lanterns for additional lighting.

Zebra Paper Lanterns Hot Pink Tissue Diamond Two Love Birds Lanterns

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5. Tiaras

While these are the perfect accessory for your party guests, they also make great outdoor decorations. For a fun pool party twist, toss them in the pool as diving rings.

*You can make one of them the ‘special’ tiara and whoever finds that one gets a Prize!

Pink Tiara Combs Colorful Tiara Combs Tiny Tiaras Silver Tiara Combs

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So, as the Summer temps go up, beat the heat with a bachelorette pool party. And add these fabulous items to give it a bachelorette party flair. Your guests will be entertained and stay cool.


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