Bachelorette Party – Beach Style

In the heat of Summer, what better way to stay cool and pamper the Bride, than a party at the Beach! Whether the beach is in your town (call me jealous!) or a plane ride away, it’s easy to make it a memorable bachelorette party! So grab your shades and towels, and get ready for a Bachelorette Party – Beach Style!

For ease of travel/transport, and to keep it budget friendly, just keep these 3 things in mind:

1. Focus on the Bride

First, the Bride, and her preferences, should guide your party planning. Would she rather relax or party the night away? Is she all for dressing up or would she rather keep it low key? Either way, our Party Attire and Accessories will fit the bill! Dress up the Bride to stand out from everyone, or dress the entire party to stand out from the crowd. Check out these examples, then Shop our Party Attire.

Big Light Up Pink Diamond Ring Rhinestone Bride Sash Bachelorette Shot Necklace White Tank Top - Bride

2. Accessories and Decor – 2 in 1

Multitask and get more for your money! First, decorate your beach area with things like our Colorful Tiara Combs and Pecker Beach Ball. Then everyone can choose a Tiara to wear, and play a variety of beach friendly games with the ball. Shop Our Most Popular Items for more great items you can multitask with.

Pecker Beach Ball Colorful Tiara Combs

3. Don’t Forget the Games

Even at the beach, no bachelorette party should be without games. Whether you make up games using our Pecker Beach Ball or other inflatables, or take along a fun drinking game, be sure to plan time for at least one party game.

Shop all our ‘Blow-Up Friends’

Inflatable Pecker Pool Noodle

In the end, whether the Beach is right in your backyard or across the country, you can easily stay cool and still have a great Bachelorette Party – Beach Style! And, with just a few items, you can create the party atmosphere anywhere.


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