Autumn Bachelorette Party Activities

Autumn Bachelorette Party Activities

After Halloween and overindulging on candy, it’s time to have an autumn bachelorette party celebrating the amazing recreations of fall. Now’s the time for enjoying apple cider, outdoor games, and not-too-cold-yet-fall weather with your closest gal pals.

For a Harvest Theme…

All things pumpkin are still popular so use ones with large stems to have a ring toss competition as one of your bachelorette party activities.  There are plenty of ring toss variations already available to combine with your round orange fruit.  The Inflatable Dicky Ring Toss has the perfect ring size for outdoor pumpkin use and obvi comes with the super fun inflatable penis.  I love the bonus craft opportunity decorating the pumpkins as bachelorette party gifts and temporary mementos.


Wine and Cheese Party Fun…

Planning your bachelorette cocktail supplies around wine and cheese is an easy and customary combination.  Extend the wine theme into your bachelorette favors and make bling ring cork key chains in advance.  Take the bling to the next level with rhinestone wine bottles made by your party guests themselves!


For the Football-Loving Bachelorette…

Cheer for your bachelorette with Bachelorette “Buy Me A Drink” Foam Fingers as bachelorette accessories that any sports-lover will appreciate.  Foreplay Football makes for a great bachelorette gift to continue the sports feel.  Playing football at your party is a given if your party guests share the bride’s passion for the game.


Comforting Potluck Possibilities…

A more laid back approach to the autumn bachelorette party is an old fashioned potluck party.  Comfort food is always a guaranteed hit!  And, asking everyone to bring chili, soup, or any other warm dish leaves plenty of time for party activities.  Fill the time with mellow bachelorette party games such as trivia or word games.  This easy-going style of bachelorette games works best with warm full bellies. 🙂


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