7 Fresh Ways to Decorate with Streamers

Decorations are one way to transform an everyday space into party central. But where to start? And how much is enough? Whether you are on a budget, have a small entertaining space, or are overwhelmed, these 7 fresh ways to decorate with streamers are sure to help make your party eye-catching.

Streamers may seem a little boring and overdone, but there are some fantastic new twists on how to decorate with streamers that will wow your party guests and keep your costs down.

1. Canopy

With a little time, some tape, and a hula hoop, simple streamers can make a big impact. We found this example and easy to follow instructions courtesy of Natalie’s blog at home with Natalie.

2. Colorful Backdrop

This is an easy way to draw attention to a specific space. Frame the buffet table or gift table by adding ceiling-to-floor streamers along a wall. Check out this tutorial via Lovely Indeed.

3. Candle Holder Decorations

With just a little double-sided tape and the candle holders you have on hand, this easy DIY will create instant fun and stylish centerpieces. Courtesy of Martha Stewart weddings.

4. Table Runners

This detail can be as simple or as complex as you want. Try a simple design by laying alternating colors along the center of a table. Or try a more complex design by weaving coordinating colors in a basketweave pattern to create a more intricate design. See examples here by Kim via her blog.

5. Chandeliers

This beautiful decoration looks more intricate than it is. This is a simple way to really add a WOW factor to the room. We love the look created above for a wedding, shown here at Style Me Pretty.

6. Chair Backs

Another fun way to add flair is to simply tie or tape streamers to the back of chairs. You can do this with just the Bride-to-Be’s “throne”, or choose every chair! This example courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes.

7. Table Skirt

Similar to the table runner above, this table decoration is easy to accomplish and will draw your guests’ attention. See an example here via Kori Clark. We LOVE the look of alternating with ribbons, and our variety of party ribbons would be fabulous with this look! Shop Our Party Ribbon

I am excited to try these decorating ideas for my next party, and would love to hear from you if you try these, or come up with your own fresh idea for party streamers. Shop our party streamers


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