3 Winter Bachelorette Party Ideas

Winter might seem cold and dreary, but with these 3 Winter Bachelorette Party Ideas, it can be the most magical time of year!

Our first theme is a timeless classic, and can be personalized in so many ways:

1. Baby It’s Cold Outside

This party theme is easily tailored to your tastes and the Bride-to-be’s preferences. Our many Blue and White party accessories will bring this theme to life, especially our Something Blue for the Bride Kit

Something Blue for the Bride Kit

The next of 3 Winter Bachelorette Party Ideas is a bit more sassy:

2. Fire & Ice

Many will automatically think literally of fire and ice/snow, but this can be turned into a fun play on words. Think Red and Diamonds. We have a great collection of Red colored party supplies and Diamond accessories that can combined in a number of ways to really set the stage for this party theme! A couple of our favorites include our Red garter and Mega-Carat light up diamond ring.

Red garter

Mega-carat light up diamond ring

The third theme is more of a classic again, but with limitless possibilities:

3. Black & White

‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ comes to mind with this theme, and we love that you can make this theme classic and romantic, or turn it upside down and go for something a little more Wild. We think our White balloons and Black streamers are perfect regardless of whether you go classy or wild!

White balloon Black streamer

So, whether your Bride-to-be is classy or sassy (or a little of both), she will be thrilled with her last night out with any of these 3 Winter Bachelorette Party Ideas.


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