3 Must-Try Bachelorette Party Games

Almost all bachelorette parties include games, some tried and true, while others are overdone. If you’re planning a bachelorette party or girls night out this year, give one of these a try. Each game is either a new twist on an original, or a new game that is sure to be a hit in 2017!

Musical Beers

Possibly the BEST twist on a classic yet! Remember musical chairs? Musical beers is the adult drinking version that will be a hilarious hit, and bring out some fun competition. Don’t like beer? Try it with a shot instead, in our selection of shot glasses. Watch a funny example of musical beers here on Youtube.

Porn or Polish

We love this DIY bachelorette party game that’s taking over the scene. It’s an easy (and inexpensive) way to get a few laughs.

Check out this example here on our Pinterest board.

Tie a Bow On

This is a fun way to make sure the bachelorette always has a drink in hand, and is especially fun if you’re heading out on the town. Shop our bachelorette ribbon (or get any brightly colored ribbon) and tie a bow on each party guest’s wrist. Whenever the bride-to-be needs a refill, she can untie a bow from anyone’s wrist and that guest will get her next drink or shot.

Bonus: One of our top selling games, How Well Do You Know the Bachelorette, is a tried and true sure-fire hit at your next party. Plus, it’s small packaging makes it great for at home or on the go!


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