What Make Memorable Bachelorette Party Souvenirs

1What makes a party or a special gathering of friends memorable is the attention to detail. Certainly the big plan matters – where to go and what to do – but it is the little things that make it a truly memorable occasion. No event is this more appropriate to than when it comes to having a bachelorette party.

Having the right collection of bachelorette party souvenirs is half the fun of the night, but it is more than just buying a bag of party favors and handing them all out at the start of the festivities. They will make a much bigger impact if introduced at the right time.

When the party begins, start with the wardrobe: a tiara and sash for the bride to be, or maybe customized matching shirts for all the ladies. If a part of the plans include dinner, have the napkins at the restaurant rolled up inside of diamond napkin rings. As the night gets later, it becomes a good time to bring out the most risque gifts, such as the anatomically suggestive glassware and straws.

A great way to end the night is to be sure that everyone gets to take home a gift bag full of bachelorette party souvenirs. Along the way, people will lose the special shot glasses or masks they may have been given, but this way nobody will have to worry about. Not only could the bag include some of the fun things that have been part of the night, there could also be additional little gifts and mementos. This is a perfect way to thank everyone for being part of the special night.

Planning a bachelorette party is hard work, but certainly worth it when it goes it was planned. Just as important as knowing where to be when is having the right souvenirs and gimmicks that will keep everyone laughing all night as they celebrate their friend’s special day.

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