What Bachelorette Shower Invitations Are Popular?

bachelorette party invitationBachelorette parties should be as fun as the brides they celebrate, and the invitations to these events often reflect that.

Heavy Drinkers
If you have been tasked with celebrating a bride whose Instagram is more packed with pictures of her fancy iced coffee than her fiancé, consider an invitation that shows her love for both her groom and her grande mocha cappuccino. Several popular bachelorette shower invitations now feature a “love is brewing” tagline on a burlap bag containing some coffee goodies as well as all of the party details. For the tea drinkers out there, consider hosting a shower with “hats and high tea” by including the bride’s favorite tea bag in every invitation.

Couple Showers
Some couples are literally inseparable. As a maid-of-honor it can be a challenge to cater to a bride who insists on sharing her shower with the groom-to-be, but if it is a couple’s shower the bride wants, than it is a couple’s shower the bride will get. Consider an invitation that sports a cute “his and hers” design, or perhaps an “I do BBQ” logo. The not-yet-weds will love the care you took to include both parties in one invitation.

Fashionista Foodies
Two passions that are shared among many women are a love of fashion and food. Make these the star of your invitations and your shower. One of the most important roles of the bachelorette shower invitation is to clue the guests in as to what sort of bridal shower they will be attending. An invite with a DIY doily wedding dress is perfect if you are inviting a wide age range over for brunch and bubbly. However, it won’t serve if your bride is expecting a lady’s night and lingerie. For that sort of party, consider sending a corset cutout to let the guests know you are celebrating with pancakes and panties. As an added bonus, consider adding in the bride’s bra and underwear sizes to take out some of the guesswork and give a hint as to what she would like to receive.

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