We’re Back…and we have something NEW!

We recently went to Las Vegas for the Lingerie Show and Convention and found HEAVEN in a jar! After wandering through the rooms and being overwhelmed by all the booths, we were taken in by this little booth…actually, we were talked in by the booth’s owner. A very sweet, convincing lady who sells the Body Candy line….and does she sell it well! We were able to sample the product line and WOW, were we impressed. This stuff sells itself once you try it! All the flavors are spot on. If you couldn’t tell, I really, really like these! They come in a body powder, a lickable body glaze, and a kissing spray & elixir. I love these for 3 reasons:

1. The flavors are intense and true

2. There is no chemical or powdery aftertaste

3. There is NO Stickiness where you lick!

It gets even better: we brought them back with us from Vegas and they’re our hottest new product at www.bachelorettesuperstore.com. Check them out now….one lick is NEVER enough!


While you’re there, check out our Deal of the Week….the Leash Cake Topper. It’s on sale right now for $ 3.95. Unbelievable price for this item. It’s a funny topper for your next party or great as a gag gift!

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