Villains Are The Stars of 2016 Halloween

Heroes and villains have been around since forever.  The obvious and most popular response is to praise the heroes as they are the “good” guys.  This year, several unorthodox origin stories were made into movies for many of the most well-known villains.  From Suicide Squad to Guardians of the Galaxy to Gotham and even classic villains turned heroes on Once Upon A Time.  Perceptions have now changed and given a chance for the villains to rule Halloween this year.  Primarily, this information applies to Halloween and bachelorette parties but villain celebration can be used at any party just the same. 🙂

A New Spin

The stories we all know and love have been modernized on TV with Gotham telling Batman’s origin as one where villains he later fights are his friends in his youth.  Once Upon a Time took a deeper look into the Evil Queen and Rumpelstiltskin.  Either would a fantastic bachelorette party theme and provides TONs of amazing villain costume options.shows

Untold Heroics

When it comes to Guardians of the Galaxy and taking blatant criminals to defend the universe, it makes sense that they wouldn’t have a laundry list of heroics but this year, their positive attributes were highlighted.   Numerous bachelorette party supplies can be used to create decorations and costumes.


Powerful Forces

Similar to Guardians of the Galaxy, Suicide Squad consists of known villains used to save the world.  Planning your bachelorette party activities can be as easy as selecting your favorite character as inspiration.  Using a large wooden mallet to bust open a piñata is how I would plan the bachelorette party games.  Better yet, the multitude of options for treat recipes and bachelorette cocktails are infinite!


With villains leading the way this Halloween season, I can’t wait to see what the heroes will do to win back the spotlight! Find more party ideas and share your ideas with me on Pinterest!

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