Top Bachelorette Party Trends 2016

Top Bachelorette Party Trends Still Left to Enjoy in 2016

With only a few months left of 2016, time is running out to use the Top Bachelorette Party Trends of 2016. But don’t get bummed out yet!  These popular trends don’t need time by the pool or severe heat to have a good time.


Camping and summer go hand-in-hand but “Glamping” in October avoids the severe heat that will melt your sweeties at tea time.  My ideal October glamping trip would be spent testing costumes and bachelorette party accessories that can be used the whole rest of the month.  Wigs, boas, tutus, tiaras and veils would be tried on and modeled as part of the bachelorette party


Another popular trend in 2016 is to participate in classes with your bridal party.  Whether that is dance, pole, or meditation classes, this trend can be used any time of the year.  Don’t miss out on matching outfits for the group with customizable t-shirts, sashes and tanks as your bachelorette party gifts.attire

DIY Crafting and Cocktails

Choosing this 2016 trend makes several aspects of party planning easier.   There are so many crafting options that bachelorette party activities are covered.  The best bet is to pick a few DIY projects instead of relying on just one to entertain and interest each of your party guests.  DIY potpourri, journal making, or fruit infused liquor are all popular choices for DIY

While these are just a few of the trends still left to utilize in 2016, I find these to be the most practical for the fall season. Find more party ideas and share your ideas with me on Pinterest!


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