Top 8 October Party Themes

There are many theme options that come with the fall season.  Choosing the best one that suits your group is as easy as thinking of the activities possible with each choice.  This applies to bachelorette party planning and Halloween party planning just the same.  Below are the Top 8 October Party Themes with a few suggestions and combinations that will make choosing your party theme effortless!


This theme has a TON of possibilities!  The fact that there are 7 Different Types of Masquerade Masks alone makes it clear that you’ve got a lot to choose from.  Formal wear is standard but you can spin vintage or full-on ball gown requirements.  Bachelorette party activities can really be anything but having a murder mystery is a fun and playful game and can be done at any party.masqueradeSource


Vampire’s Ball

Celebrating as a monster is somehow way more fun than it should be.  Play into the darkness with common bachelorette party games like the Sculpt-A-Willy Party Game adapted into a monster version using Frankenstein’s Monster, Dracula, and ancient mummies as your mold goals.vampires-ballSource


Haunted Pub Crawl

While this option may not be available in all areas, the popularity of this adventure is undeniable.  Designating bachelorette drinking games to play along the way is a must!haunted-pub-crawlSource



Beer, buttons, suspenders!  Where can you go wrong??oktoberfestSource


Pumpkin Patch

This one can either be a destination party theme or one that transforms your party location into a pumpkin shrine.  Whether you plan to stay in or venture out, crafting with your bridal party is always a win!  Try out some of these bachelorette game ideas on Pinterest!pumpkinSource


Nightmare Before ChristmasnightmareSource




Ghoul’s Night Out

Pink and black is the popular combination for this theme and works perfectly with your bachelorette party accessories!ghouls-nightSource


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