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3 Ultimate Goals Achieved With Frugal Bachelorette Party Planning


Benefits from inexpensive bachelorette party preparation exceed expectations when performed properly.  Whether your low-cost design is due to your intense appreciation for bargains or lack of cash, saving money isn’t the only reward this approach offers.

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Fashion Bachelorette Party Starring Supermodel Style


The balance and grace required for polished strutting over a runway are not qualities I possess.  Skilled models look flawless but work relentlessly nurturing this ability as lifetime notoriety is rare.  Arrange a visit to this dazzling world of glamour by opening your bachelorette party with a vogue fashion show followed by beauty based bridal shower games embracing the makeover angle.

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Bold Bachelorette Party Photo Booth Props


There is an unlimited stock of pose-worthy photo booth props.  Although, capturing the bachelorette party spirit and your guest’s personality is tricky.  Brazen articles are fortunately included in the incredible range of likely photo booth props and stocking variety lets guests express themselves freely.

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Dominate Summer Bachelorette Party Planning Despite Wintry Yearnings


Participating in social situations while soggy with sweat is expected during the summer season.  Incorporating a few habits that prepare you for undesirable summertime aspects enables your bachelorette party to radiate charm and gracefulness.

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Summer Floating with Your Bachelorette Party

RiverPhoto Credit

Floating with your friends is always fun and a great way to spend the day in the sun.  We only have summer for so long so planning a bachelorette party float on the river is a great chance to enjoy the season while it’s here.  Inviting your guests with Zebra Stripes bachelorette invitations is a playful means to communicate party details to your guests without needing customized floating invites.  Customized for your theme bachelorette party invites are super rad when your party guests receive them but with all-purpose ones, you can concentrate on personalized items that will be kept long after your party ends.

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Summer Grillin’ Bachelorette Party

SummerHaving an outdoor bachelorette party with grilled grub and yard games just makes sense in the summertime. Whether you’re having a luau or a fiesta, planning bachelorette party activities to cool your guests in the summer heat is imperative.

Pink Pecker Party Squirt Guns for water fights 😛

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Synchronize Your Squad’s Style!


Tutus are magical, wigs are mysterious, and sashes are memorable. Bachelorette party products are my favorite to dress up with but also make your party guests easy to recognize after the bachelorette cocktails and drinking starts.

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Coed Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

bachelorette cowgirl hat with veilOne of the new trends for wedding celebrations is coed bachelor and bachelorette parties. Bridal showers have been coed for a while and now some bachelor/bachelorette parties are heading that way too. There are a lot of positives to mixed parties. If you have guests coming in from out of town everyone gets to mingle a little more. Close knit groups of friends get to experience the fun together. And no one can slip up and mention something that happened at the party!

There are a lot of options for coed parties. You can stay home and have a house party mixing male and female themes. Mix up your male and female pasta for a tasty salad and play some drinking games. We personally think Wedding Olympics would be a blast. You can go sporty with an obstacle course and races or boozy with beer pong and quarters. Or do both! Assign team Bride or team Groom and start your day out at a park or a big back yard for the competitive sports, have a great dinner and head out for a bar crawl.

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