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Fashion Bachelorette Party Starring Supermodel Style


The balance and grace required for polished strutting over a runway are not qualities I possess.  Skilled models look flawless but work relentlessly nurturing this ability as lifetime notoriety is rare.  Arrange a visit to this dazzling world of glamour by opening your bachelorette party with a vogue fashion show followed by beauty based bridal shower games embracing the makeover angle.

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Bold Bachelorette Party Photo Booth Props


There is an unlimited stock of pose-worthy photo booth props.  Although, capturing the bachelorette party spirit and your guest’s personality is tricky.  Brazen articles are fortunately included in the incredible range of likely photo booth props and stocking variety lets guests express themselves freely.

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Dominate Summer Bachelorette Party Planning Despite Wintry Yearnings


Participating in social situations while soggy with sweat is expected during the summer season.  Incorporating a few habits that prepare you for undesirable summertime aspects enables your bachelorette party to radiate charm and gracefulness.

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Summer Floating with Your Bachelorette Party

RiverPhoto Credit

Floating with your friends is always fun and a great way to spend the day in the sun.  We only have summer for so long so planning a bachelorette party float on the river is a great chance to enjoy the season while it’s here.  Inviting your guests with Zebra Stripes bachelorette invitations is a playful means to communicate party details to your guests without needing customized floating invites.  Customized for your theme bachelorette party invites are super rad when your party guests receive them but with all-purpose ones, you can concentrate on personalized items that will be kept long after your party ends.

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Summer Grillin’ Bachelorette Party

SummerHaving an outdoor bachelorette party with grilled grub and yard games just makes sense in the summertime. Whether you’re having a luau or a fiesta, planning bachelorette party activities to cool your guests in the summer heat is imperative.

Pink Pecker Party Squirt Guns for water fights 😛

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Boost Your Bachelorette Bash With Baking


How much is too much?  I ask this question on a regular basis due to my predilection for the exaggerated.  A baking bachelorette party has risk factor but successful execution is engaging your friends while creating the nomz at the same time.

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Synchronize Your Squad’s Style!


Tutus are magical, wigs are mysterious, and sashes are memorable. Bachelorette party products are my favorite to dress up with but also make your party guests easy to recognize after the bachelorette cocktails and drinking starts.

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Make Your Bachelorette Pool Party One-of-a-Kind


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Breaking the Ice with a Bachelorette Party

mother of the groom & mother of the bride - bachelorette partyMy name is Eileen and I am part of the Bachelorette Superstore team. I have been married for twenty years and ironically didn’t even have a bachelorette party when I got married. Working here allows me to contribute to each and every one of our customer’s parties!

My brother recently married his long time love thanks to Match.com!  They had a very low key wedding, which fit them to a tee.  Most of the family members had never met and flew in the day before the big event.  Working at a bachelorette party store of course made me want to go a little crazy with things.  But after a stern talking to from my family, I was forbidden to bring anything suggestive to the event.  I wandered around the warehouse for a bit and ended up choosing the Mother of the Bride sash, Mother of the Groom sash and a couple of tiaras.  With my brother shaking his head at me, I sashed them up and crowned them with the tiaras.  It was actually a lovely moment that honored them for raising great kids. It also broke the ice conversationally as everyone rushed to take pictures.  It is one of my new sister-in-law’s favorite photos (shown above)!

Valentine’s Day is Not Just for Lovers

Valentine's Day Cupcake Lip ToppersValentine’s Day is great for lovebirds, but it is also the perfect time for a bachelorette party! Is your bride a romantic or someone who loves a wild party? Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for a bachelorette party and you can honor that spirit with a fun filled girl’s night in or out!

An at home bachelorette party offers lots of opportunities to mix bachelorette party decorations and Valentine’s Day decor. You can go sweet with diamond and heart shaped confetti, pink tableware and heart balloons or add something a little sexy with dangling willies and fun pink willie straws.

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