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Tutus are magical, wigs are mysterious, and sashes are memorable. Bachelorette party products are my favorite to dress up with but also make your party guests easy to recognize after the bachelorette cocktails and drinking starts.

As I use bachelorette favors in my wardrobe every day, my suggestions for bachelorette accessories may be a bit heavy-handed with glitter and party beads. With that said, you can use a single item or any combination to achieve your desired level of distinction.

The newest design to celebrate is the Bride Gone Wild collection which has a ton of styles for bachelorette ideas. The pink and white pattern is easy to pair with any outfit and stands out in dark clubs and bars. Your group’s coordinated colors will be easy to spot.

Bride’s Bitches gone Wild Shot Necklace

Bride Gone Wild Nametags

Bride Gone Wild Tattoos

Matching Customized Rhinestone Hot Pink Tanks as bachelorette party gifts to your guests establishes the ambiance from the beginning. Paired with bachelorette prizes you can wear and eat steps up the spectacle. Enthralling naughty bachelorette party games here.

Candy Bra

Candy G String

Candy Nipple Tassels

A bachelorette sash has more potential than most party gear. The statement a Bride-To-Be Light Up Sash makes when you enter an establishment speaks volumes on your behalf. And that’s just the start!

Hot Pink Rhinestone “Bride” Sash

Glittering Black/Pink “Girls Night Out” Sash perfect for each girl in your group!

White Bride to Be Flashing Sash


Parade your bachelorette fashion and own the night! Please enjoy this list of naughty bachelorette party supplies I hold vital.

Bride Hot Shorts

Rhinestone Iron On Transfer – ‘Brides Posse’

BRIDE knee socks

Bachelorette Suspenders

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