Sweets Night In

Bachelorette Parties don’t always have to have a reputation of being dirty. In fact, they can be quite sweet.

Leave to to the Bachelorette Superstore to hook you up with the sweetest deals for a night out with the girls.

Get the girls excited with party favors! Candy G strings are sure to be a scandalous treat. http://www.bachelorettesuperstore.com/product/17000/14160221.html . The best part is, there is even a matching candy bra. And, don’t forget the “Candy Tassles”.

Sick of candy? Opt for Chocolate Pasties.

And of course, for that special groom in her life there’s a “Candy Pouch” fit for a….

If that’s not sweet enough for your taste, then fill the room with c*** shaped candies. Candy necklaces as well as “B***** Suckers” and “Candy C*** Ring Sets” are all popular options.

Or take a chew with “Yummy Gummy Peckers”.

As if your sugar high isn’t high enough, we’ve got a lot more goodies for that tasty night out.

Embrace the sweet innocent fun by going for a “School Girl” theme. Don’t worry! The Bachelorette Superstore has once again got your bride covered with “Bride Knee Socks.”

Bake a sweet treat with the gals using bachelorette themed cake pans and molds. One of the most efficient options is “Pecker Cake Kit” which includes

1 Pecker Foil Cake Pan
1 Bag Cake Sprinkles
1 Pecker Cake Cutter
8 Pecker Forks
8 Party Plates
8 Party Napkins
8 Pecker Candles

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