Summer Floating with Your Bachelorette Party

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Floating with your friends is always fun and a great way to spend the day in the sun.  We only have summer for so long so planning a bachelorette party float on the river is a great chance to enjoy the season while it’s here.  Inviting your guests with Zebra Stripes bachelorette invitations is a playful means to communicate party details to your guests without needing customized floating invites.  Customized for your theme bachelorette party invites are super rad when your party guests receive them but with all-purpose ones, you can concentrate on personalized items that will be kept long after your party ends.

There are a ton of great river float options in and around the Portland area that I want to try and would be perfect for bachelorette partying.  I float riding this magical beast and achieve picture-perfect distinction on the water.  Remembering supplies for the sun and the river and the party is effortless using lists and guides.  There is also helpful information and a list of things to bring here.  Bachelorette accessories are still a must so get your party guests some fun shades or koozies to show off the bachelorette presence.

Stay hydrated with labeled water bottles.  As for your adult drinks, these Dicky Chug Big Sports Bottles can hold 20 ounces so bring enough bachelorette cocktail supplies to keep them full all day long.  Also, Shot Glass Necklaces will secure your shot glasses so they don’t float away.

Building your tan safely on the water with plenty of sun protector is the responsible choice.  Celebrating bachelorette parties on the water with Bachelorette Temporary Tattoos and Stick on Jewel Tattoos is the sprightly choice.  Smother your party guests in specialized bachelorette symbols to glamorize your affair.

Prepare for the chance your party is separated from each other with Pecker Party Horns or these fun Pink ‘n Purple Willy Whistles.  Your party guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness.  Glittering Party Masks and Party Wigs as bachelorette party favors can also be used to spot your friends from a distance.

Please enjoy this list of things that will make your floating party fabulous!!

Super Fun Penis Balloons (filled with helium and tied to your tube as you float, these give a wacky effect! 😂)

Bachelorette Party Caution Tape

Starburst Feather Tickler

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