4 Essential Steampunk Bachelorette Party Elements


I can’t say that I knew much before now about Steampunk but I love the bravura so very much that I wanted to design a Steampunk Bachelorette Party plan embracing the retro futuristic fashion.

My research educated me on gears, wheels, and keys associated with Steampunk style. Fortunately, with the many Steampunk art supplies available, any bachelorette party supplies you pick can work with this theme.

Top Hats & Veils

For me, the most fun of planning this party theme would be the bachelorette party outfits.  Victorian era style is most commonly connected to this genre and this Sassy Bride Headband w/ veil is the perfect match.  The mutual popularity of veils and tulle in both Steampunk and the bachelorette party community also makes the Classy Bride Hat w/ Veil a flawless choice for your ensemble.hats

Feathers & Boas

Another shared adornment is feather boa incorporation.  Bachelorette party accessories are famous for bright or matching boas for the bridal party/party guests.  Gorgeous pink and white Feather Boa and Tiara Set obtains this note picture-perfect and sparkles are an option too with black and white shading.boa

Futuristic & Tech

Bachelorette party decorations are an easy choice with the Metallic Bachelorette Party Banner paired with a DIY gear garland.  The black and white of Black Chevron Party Streamers also combines well with well-known compositions of Steampunk structure.


Victorian Burlesque

Springs, buttons, buckles, and anything antique are all add-ons you can use to give the Steampunk effect.  If DIY is not your preference, there are basic props and bachelorette accessories that already pass for Steampunk.  Glittering Party Masks make the most of feathers and burlesque and these Bride & Groom Stick Props regard Victorian top hat smartness.  There are even Starburst Feather Tickler Wands to complete the look!accessories

While this collection will not form a complete and extravagant Steampunk Bachelorette Party, these elements are essential for assembling a Steampunk party that will “take the egg”.  Find more party ideas and share your ideas with me on Pinterest!

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