Our Favorite Bachelorette Party Gift Ideas

1When it comes to bachelorette party gifts ideas, there’s nothing funnier or more exciting than a lifelike inflatable doll. Passing it around from one party guest to another throughout the evening never gets old. In fact, it’s guaranteed to end the occasion in uproarious laughter especially for the single women in your group complaining that they never meet a good man.

Make the Bride-to-Be a target by buying her a customized rhinestone t-shirt and naughty wedding veil. Although tiaras are nice, you don’t want your friend mistaken for a birthday girl instead of a bachelorette. After all, it’s her last night of freedom, right? Make it memorable for her by pulling out all the stops.

Order enough party beads for the entire party to wear out. See how many are left at the end of the night. Hosting your own private Mardi Gras event is easy when you have the right tools available! What do you think people do to get beads?

Make sure the snacks you order are adult-themed. It’s fun to see the older members of the bachelorette party blush! Hand them out at the start of the party and watch in amazement how many guests still have their suckers and ring pops at the end of the night. Award a prize to the most determined guest after seeing how little candy she has left when the festivities conclude.

Spice things up with some X-rated fortune cookies or playful games for the bedroom. Your girlfriend appreciates your sense of humor and invites the same playfulness into her relationship. She and her partner enjoys a good laugh and appreciate having an excuse to be alone after entertaining guests for days.

Bachelorette party gifts ideas are as creative as the person you shop for. Keep her personality in mind while planning the party. Order items in advance so you’ll have them in time for the big night. The last thing you want to do is scramble to find specific bachelorette party gifts the day of the event.

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