New Party Favors

Ever wonder if you should give out party favors, or what party favors to give out at a Bachelorette Party? We are excited about two of our NEW party favors that are sure to please, tease, and get everyone laughing. Our two new party favors are: 1. Candy Condoms, and 2. Condoms on a Stick. You won’t be disappointed!

Candy Condoms are a yummy gummy treat in the shape of a condom. Hand each guest one on their way in and see how long it takes them to figure out what it is…..great icebreaker! Or, place them around the room, or in our Pecker Party Candy Dish, and let people find them for themselves…..a funny treat that doubles as party decor. Even better, you can take them out to the bar with you and hand them out (or have the Bachelorette hand them out); what a great way to dare the Bride-to-be on her last night out! (You may want to let people know – after you hand them one – that they’re candy, not the real thing).

The make your own Condom on a Stick Kits are also a great Party Favor! They come in packs of 6 for only $4.95. Another favor you can hand out to your party guests, leave around the room as decor, or give the Bachelorette as a gag gift. This party favor is an even better one for a Bachelorette Dare. Have the Bride-to-Be hand them out throughout the night as you hit the town. You can even customize these with our stickers, for only $1.20 more. Choose from ‘She’s Finally Picked One’, ‘Martini’ Stickers, or our ‘Naughty’ Bachelorette Stickers. These stickers really complete the kit and make them perfect for the Bachelorette Party!

While you’re checking out our new party favors on, don’t forget about the delectable Body Candy Products we brought back from Vegas. Check out our Facebook page for a special discount code.

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