Important Bachelor Party Strategy

BachelorAs a real-life person outside the burlesque extravaganza I occupy as #hypegirl, I asked my favorite human what he thought of my title for “Boost Your Bachelorette Bash With Baking”. His response? He loved it and showed more excitement than I expected! He said, “I think that’s great! I love bacon!” After clearing the confusion, an idea formed.

While I am not quite the connoisseur that my favorite human is, I can totally get on board for Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Naughty Boob Cookie Cutters

Panty Cookie Cutter

I found a frequent combination of “Boobs, Beer, and Bacon” in my exploration into more things bacon and bachelor… which won me over instantly by appealing to my affection for alliteration.

Tits and Beer Mug

Beer/ Drink Bands

In order to meet the requirements of a bachelor party, a few necessities must be included.

Inflatable Party Doll

Naughty Boobie Balloons

With the theme set and the basics met, the fun is just getting started!!

Pair this outstanding Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale with Light UP Beer Mugs for a night you will never forget!

Try these BACON cotton boxers as party favors and use this Pinterest collection to plan all the details!

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