How to Throw a Bachelorette Lingerie Party

blogbou1Bachelorette lingerie parties, where the guests give the bride lingerie as gifts, have become wildly popular in both replacing or enhancing bachelorette parties. These parties are versatile and can be as classy, sexy, and fun as you want them to be. The following are a few bachelorette lingerie party ideas that will help make your event a success.

Invitations & Themes
Your invitation for a lingerie party should let guests know to bring a gift of lingerie and what size bra and/or panties the bride wears. You can make this open to letting guest bring whatever lingerie they want or add in a theme for the panties. Two popular ideas for lingerie party themes are Beer and Bras or Pajamas and Pearls.

Dress up the Bride
You can make the bride feel really special by dressing her up and decorating things like the chair she will sit in or her car. Since it is a lingerie party, you can get a little sassy and sexy with the dressing up with things like hot pink boas, veils, and just about anything lacey. Crowns and sashes are always a plus.

Include Fun Games and Icebreakers
Besides just opening lingerie, add in some games to entertain guest and get the party going. These can be lingerie centered games, like filling a piñata with panties or buying plain panties and letting your guest decorate them with permanent markers. You can also incorporate more traditional games such as bachelorette bingo.

Decorations and Food
Lingerie parties can be classy to downright dirty. Consider who your guest are before deciding which foods to serve. If the mother of the bride is going to be there, ideas for food might include champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. If your crowd is a little more on the rowdy side, there are a number of sexy and humorous foods and decorations in the market. An easy and popular food is cupcakes with bachelorette toppers on them like sexy legs or red hot lips.

With a little creativity and planning, your bachelorette lingerie party can be something truly memorable for the bride-to-be.

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