How to Choose The Right Bachelorette Invite

you're invitedA bachelorette party is the bride to be’s last party as a single woman. Each prospective bride has an idea in mind of what type of party she wants to have in celebration of her upcoming wedding. Choosing the right bachelorette party invite will set the tone for the entire evening and party. Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting the invitation.

Classic and Elegant
When a bride is planning an elegant bachelorette party, she will want an invitation that reflects the theme. She might decide to go with a simple black and white invitation to invite people to a gourmet dinner and low-key evening of party games and gifts. Another option might be a pink invitation with a picture of a large wedding cake. The bridal party is sending the message that the evening will not be a wild night by selecting one of these simple invites.

Fun and Flirty
A fun and flirty bachelorette party would begin with fancy drinks in martini glasses and evening of bar hopping without going overboard. It might include flirting with the available men at each location without anything serious. For this type of party, the bride to be will want to select an invitation that reflects the plans for the evening. One of the best invitations for this type of party is one shaped like a drinking glass. Other options might include an invitation decorated with martini glasses and flirty dresses.

Sexy and Wild
If a bride and her bridal party are planning a wild evening filled with drinking and an occasional male dancer, the invitation should be equally as wild and sexy. The bride might consider an invitation shaped like sexy lingerie or picturing male genitalia dressed up as a groom. These sexy and outrageous invitations will get all of the guests into the mood for a wild evening where anything goes.

A bachelorette party invite is a great way to let the guests know the type of evening they should prepare for ahead of time. With so many invitations available, the bride is sure to find just the right fit for her important evening.

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