How to Host a Brilliant Bachelorette Party

With engagement season taking off, it’s valuable to have an easy and brilliant bachelorette party plan on standby.  Not only should this plan be easy, but it should be adaptable to any of the popular bachelorette party trends.  Lastly, it should have a unique style that will leave a lasting impression on the bride-to-be as well as the whole bridal party.  Below are a few methods that will help you pick the amazing details.

Make it easy

The whole point of a standby plan is ease.  Choose a few details that are generic but classic.  Designate a color that all the girls can easily wear with their bachelorette party accessories.  Pink and black is the long-standing combination but can clash if too many shades are used.  Stick to one color that is easy for the entire group.How to Host a Brilliant Bachelorette Party

Find the middle ground

Most people want to have the biggest and best bachelorette party that will be better than everyone else’.  Others want a simple, laid-back option.  A successful backup plan is one that meets somewhere in the middle.  Design bachelorette party games that can be adjusted based on the party level.  Bachelorette dares are perfect for almost every party type and can be played at home or out on the town.How to Host a Brilliant Bachelorette Party

Keep it short and sweet

As this is a backup party plan, you are not required to plan the entire event from beginning to end.  Decorations, transportation, and gifts should be decided based on the party theme and the future Mrs.  Stick to the key points of planning, such as invitations, activities, and bachelorette party favors.  Bachelorette favors come in so many varieties that a group can be compiled easily that will work with any theme.  Popular selections include Light Up Diamond Rings, Whistle Necklaces, and Bachelorette Party Mints.How to Host a Brilliant Bachelorette Party

And remember!  The most important bachelorette party ideas are those that are easy and FUN!! Find more party ideas and share your ideas with me on Pinterest!

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