Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: The Non-Alcoholic Bachelorette Party

bachelorette cocktailsThe Bachelorette Party has a reputation for being a wild, rowdy, drunken affair.  Believe it or not, even people who don’t drink want to have fun!  I know, shocking right?   But you don’t actually need alcohol to have a great bachelorette party.

Some of the upsides to not drinking include remembering what happened during the party, not throwing up on random strangers and not having to worry about who will be driving home.  The only downside I can think of is it might take a little while longer to break the ice and getting the party rolling.  But never fear, a few games can help with that.  How well do you know the Bride or a fun round of pin the hose on the fireman start your party with lots of giggles.  A hilarious DIY of sculpting gets everyone in the mood for the party, plus they have a little something to take home with them!

Non alcoholic drinks can be just as creative as alcoholic ones.  Mix up a batch of Sparkling Cran Razzy or the Iced Hello Dolly.  As a non drinker myself I love to have a drink that actually looks like something an adult would enjoy rather than just a glass of water.

If you read this blog you know I love Jello.  So of course you need to include that on your table!  Instead of jello shots make tiny jello penises or a couple bigger ones to share.

A non alcoholic Bachelorette party lets you relax and know you will look bright and fresh in the morning without a hangover. So enjoy the time you have with your friends and let the good times roll!


Photo by Alpha du centaure via CC license

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