Fun and Flirty Decorations for a Bachelorette Party with Class

party decorIf you are in charge of designing or planning a party for a bride-to-be, this is a perfect chance for you to see how you can find some fun and flirty decorations for a bachelorette party!

All great parties start with the invitation.
So just how fun is your invitation? Have you considered colorful top hats and wedding ring designs? How about champagne glasses and red roses? How about finding a way to combine them all? Black and white color schemes are always top-shelf, and you can’t go wrong with a zebra print either. Don’t miss your best opportunity to set the mood! Make your invitation memorable!

Make sure you maintain the festive mood as your guests arrive!
Flower leis, rings and bangles with fun decorations and colors are always a hit and will make the venue look like a party. Remember there will probably be tons of pictures, especially considering everyone will be carrying a camera with them. This is also the age of the selfie! With the right door favors every picture will be as colorful as the mood!

Then it’s time for the piece de resistance!
Hire a skilled chef who can give ad hoc cooking lessons! This works best if he is a showman who can do at-the-table stunts and tricks as he prepares the meals. Done right, this will be the most memorable part of the evening and you’ll have a conversation starter for years!

But the ultimate in unique bachelorette party ideas is the page-a-guest scrapbook.
Each of the party guests decorates one page with photos, drawings, stories, signatures or decorations like ribbons, stamps and stickers and the Maid of Honor assembles the book as one of the gifts to be presented to the bride-to-be. Depending on the guests, this can be a gift nearly as meaningful as the wedding album, and since everyone pitches in, there’s not much work for any one person to do.

Planning such an important event can be overwhelming, but with the right inspiration you can throw a party everyone will remember as one of the greatest events they’ve ever attended!

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