Everything You Need For a Mustache Party

Halloween is just days away and throwing a mustache party is the easiest party theme out there!  There are so many variations and styles available for Halloween or your October bachelorette party.

Finger Tattoos

Starting your bachelorette party accessories with finger tattoos is a perfect subtle way to begin the mustache madness.  Fingerstache Tattoos have 36 stashes per package so there’s plenty to use on your party guests.  For a smaller sized party, Finger Tattoos are available in awesome shapes and colors in this 12 pack of Moustache Finger Tattoos.mustache party

Decorations and Props

Whether you’re having a photo booth or fashion show, these Mustache, Lips & Glasses Photo Props work great on their own as floating party props or worked into your bachelorette party activities.  Try challenging your party guests to give their best impression of the bride and groom with Bride & Groom Stick Props. 😉mustache party

Confection Beautification

Bachelorette parties are famous for using pink and black.  With these Hot Pink Mustache Rings and Black Mustache Rings, decorating your cupcakes or cake will be a cinch!mustache party

Self-Adhesive Stashes

These are pretty much a requirement for a mustache party.  The variety of styles and color options is incredible!  Using these as bachelorette party favors and taking group photos is endless fun.  Also, these items are definitely considered affordable bachelorette party supplies with prices under $10!mustache party

Check out these items at BacheloretteSuperstore.com along with a huge selection of fun bachelorette party products.   Find more party ideas and share your ideas with me on Pinterest as well!

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