5 Easy Ways to Outfit Your Bachelorette Party

5 Easy Ways to Outfit Your Bachelorette Party

When going out for a girl’s night or bachelorette party, matching your party outfits is one of the best ways to let everyone know you’re out to have a good time.  There are many great options for looking alike but below are the five easiest ways to dress up your bachelorette party.

Team Tanks

Giving your group a title to wear on matching tanks is the boldest way to announce your arrival.  The possibilities include Team Bride, Bride Tribe, and Bride’s Entourage.  You can use popular bachelorette party trends or include the bride’s name in your party’s title.  Creating unique phrases is also possible using a generic party term and customizing it.    Shop our Tanks & Tees5 Easy Ways to Outfit Your Bachelorette Party


If tanks and tees are too much of a commitment for the night, a sash conveys party style in a more subtle way.  There are more styles to choose from than ever before!  The bachelorette sash can set the tone with the sashes for the maid of honor and bridesmaids matching in color and print.  Shop our Great Selection of Sashes!5 Easy Ways to Outfit Your Bachelorette Party

Color Splash

A fantastic way to match without spending on new outfits is setting a color dress code.  This could be pulled from the colors already selected for the big event or a color palette exclusive to the bachelorette party.  This method is expansive in possibilities as bachelorette party accessories can be chosen to match.  Shop our Sparkly Feather Boas!5 Easy Ways to Outfit Your Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party Jewelry

Using bachelorette party favors to adorn the party guests with light up rings and mini-tiaras makes it impossible to miss your presence.  Or, give your guests the opportunity to express themselves with their very own combination of bachelorette accessories.  A massive jewelry spread to the start the night before going out is truly thrilling.5 Easy Ways to Outfit Your Bachelorette Party

Buttons and Pins

Jolly bachelorette buttons and pins can give nicknames for the night or designate the bridal party.  There are even buttons used for bachelorette party games and dares.  More simple variations are best for shy brides or in locations where naughty bachelorette party supplies aren’t welcome.5 Easy Ways to Outfit Your Bachelorette Party

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