Five Bachelorette DIY Pins for Party Inspiration

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Here at Bachelorette Superstore, we adore Pinterest.  We can spend hours perusing peoples’ boards and thinking about all the unique, fun, DIY bachelorette stuff there is to make.  Here are several bachelorette do it yourself pins that even we could manage.  Here are the top 5…

Diamond Ring donuts

These are adorable!  And even I can put a ring on it.  Although I would use voodoo donuts and these cupcake picks to make the job even easier.

Jenga Drinking Game

This is such a creative idea!  It would be great as a pre party game but would also be a crack up after everyone has enjoyed the festivities.  It would probably be the shortest Jenga game ever.

Sexy lady Gift Bag

This gift bag makes me laugh!  It is fun and perfect for a bachelorette party.  Use a couple of these in the wedding colors and the What happens gift bag for a cohesive look for the gifts.

Chocolate Covered Frozen Bananas

Everyone in the warehouse had a big smile when we pulled this pin up.  Simple, easy and so much fun.  Think of the games you could play with that treat!

Personalized Champagne Glasses

This one would probably be a stretch for me, as I am unable to put tape on straight.  But if you have the ability this is a really cute idea.  Not only can you use it that night but it is a nice little gift to send home with party guests.

Need more ideas?  Search Bachelorette DIY and let us know what worked for you!

Photo from mkhmarketing via CC license


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