Destination Bachelorette Party: What happens in Vegas…

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Over the last 10 years or so, we have seen the rise of the destination bachelorette party.  Flying off to a weekend getaway lets everyone relax and takes the pressure off the party planner.  You can go all night in the big city or relax and enjoy the sun at a spa.  Actually, with the whole weekend to play you can do both of those things and still have time to dote on the bride to be.

As everyone knows, weddings are expensive and not just for the bride and groom.  The wedding party has tuxes to rent, dresses to buy and parties to attend.  It is always important to remember that a weekend away doesn’t have to be expensive. Does anyone in your group have a timeshare or a cabin on a lake?  Depending on your bride-to-be’s interests, there is always a way to plan a fun, memorable, and affordable weekend away. Savvy has some great destinations on their list.  Of course they have Vegas and NY but they also list Austin, TX and Denver, Co.  Both cities are a lot of fun and hotels and flights are reasonable from most parts of the country.  Their list gets a little exotic towards the bottom but your bride is only getting married once!

Want to splurge and go luxury all the way?  Travel Channel gets a little crazy with yoga destinations in Europe and the Caribbean or some sunshine in Belize. is a great site that lets you dream big and spend less on some fantastic places you may have never considered for a bachelorette party.  Of course the more luxurious the trip, the greater the chance of having a concierge to handle all your party requests.

Just because you are traveling doesn’t mean you have to forget about bachelorette party supplies.  Bachelorette Superstore ships to hotels all the time.  Plus you don’t have to take that special little something first time vibe through airport security until you are on your way home!

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