Dance Class Bachelorette Party Plan

Dance Class Bachelorette Party Plan

Learning to dance at your bachelorette party (across the dance floor or around a pole) is one of the most special experiences you can go through.   Not only is it a physical challenge to each one of your friends but also a new skill to take with them as an exclusive bachelorette party gift.



Choosing the class and the style of dance may take a bit of research and asking the bride-to-be before committing is best.  Once the style is chosen, deciding on outfits and bachelorette party accessories is a breeze.  Each party-goer should be representing the celebration attitude with distinctive bachelorette accessories.  Bachelorette Party Name Tag Stickers and Bachelorette Party Stickers are easy and effective.Dance Class Bachelorette Party Plan


During the Class

If you are attending a private class, the instructor may provide a small amount of bachelorette party supplies but bringing your own guarantees there is enough for everyone.  If you are attending a group class, arrive early or ask is advance if your bachelorette party playlist can be played during the lesson.  Cater to your bride’s taste with a playlist that she will never forget!

Dance Class Bachelorette Party Plan

Take a Break

After class, allow time for beautifying and distribute bachelorette party favors that can be enjoyed for the remainder of the night.  Next, your new moves can be put on display at your favorite dance spot.Dance Class Bachelorette Party Plan


Take the Stage

…or the dance floor!  Use this time to show off your bachelorette party theme with bachelorette party products that tell the world whose team you’re on!Dance Class Bachelorette Party Plan


Flash mobs, surprise choreography, and unique dance styles have worked their way into everyday proposals, receptions, and much more.  Incorporating dance in your bachelorette party plan can set the tone for a dance filled season leading up to the big day!! Find more party ideas and share your ideas with me on Pinterest!

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