Choosing A Bachelorette Party Cake

Planning a bachelorette party is one of the most fun parts of being asked to be in a wedding. Whether it’s a whole night of fun on the town or just the bride’s closest girlfriends hanging out and having drinks until that mysterious cop knocks on the door, a bachelorette party is surely a special occasion to be commemorated. Friends involved in the planning might come up with a signature cocktail and a decor theme, but one of the most memorable parts of any special occasion is having the perfect cake.

Choosing the cake for a bachelorette party is no easy task. It requires that someone know the bride’s taste in food very well, down to her favorite kind of cake and icing. From there, it’s all about choosing which friend is the best baker or picking a local bakery that everyone loves. Once the flavors are all set, then it’s time to choose colors. While you could match them to the colors of her wedding, it’s not necessary- the bachelorette party is a separate occasion entirely. A cake that’s pink, purple or even zebra print isn’t out of the question!

Finally, there is the matter of whether or not the cake should be tasteful. For a bride with a bawdy sense of humor, there are endless possibilities for cake shapes and styles that are perfect for a slightly more scandalous party; for a bride who is a bit more reserved, there are still tons of fun cake decorations, figurines, and other adornments to make a bachelorette party cake special.

One should not be afraid to break away from the ordinary when making a cake for a bachelorette party. Edible glitter, dragees, candied flower petals and other decorative items can make a cake so crazy, it could only be seen at such a wild event. In the end, it will merely be the end to an eventful and crazy night, but every bride will remember the piece of cake she ate through champagne giggles with her best friends on the night of her bachelorette party, frosting smeared on her face.

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