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Everything You Need For a Mustache Party

Halloween is just days away and throwing a mustache party is the easiest party theme out there!  There are so many variations and styles available for Halloween or your October bachelorette party.

Finger Tattoos

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Boost Your Bachelorette Bash With Baking


How much is too much?  I ask this question on a regular basis due to my predilection for the exaggerated.  A baking bachelorette party has risk factor but successful execution is engaging your friends while creating the nomz at the same time.

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The Cutest Valentine’s Day Desserts to Serve at Your Bachelorette Party

Valentine’s Day is built around romance, decadence, and most importantly; chocolate. Incorporate these scrumptious Valentine’s Day inspired deserts into your bachelorette party menu to delight your guests and create a romantic motif.

Personalized Heart Candies

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Fun and Easy Bachelorette Cupcakes and Toppers

bachelorette-cupcakes-diy-toppersBachelorette cupcakes can make excellent additions to all fun and spirited bachelorette parties. Cupcakes that are made for these types of celebrations are often funny and lighthearted in nature. They’re often topped with bright and memorable items such as glittery red or pink lips (sometimes in ring form), festive miniature champagne glasses and more. They’re sometimes even topped with items that are sure to make brides blush a little. The options in toppings for these kinds of cupcakes are practically endless. People often select toppings that they believe will make brides — and their close friends — smile and laugh. The goal of bachelorette cupcakes is to create memorable and fun experiences for brides prior to their wedding festivities.

Although topping options for these types of cupcakes are extremely diverse and varied, the recipes are generally pretty classic and straightforward. People frequently prepare all different kinds of cupcakes for bachelorette parties. Red velvet cupcakes are one popular example. Many people also make chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting or the direct opposite — yellow cakes with chocolate frosting. It always depends on the brides’ specific preferences and tastes, as there are no hard and fast rules. The color of the cupcake is often made to match the toppings. If a cupcake for a bachelorette party has a glittering hot pink pair of lips on top, then it may also feature bright pink frosting.

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Choosing A Bachelorette Party Cake

Planning a bachelorette party is one of the most fun parts of being asked to be in a wedding. Whether it’s a whole night of fun on the town or just the bride’s closest girlfriends hanging out and having drinks until that mysterious cop knocks on the door, a bachelorette party is surely a special occasion to be commemorated. Friends involved in the planning might come up with a signature cocktail and a decor theme, but one of the most memorable parts of any special occasion is having the perfect cake.

Choosing the cake for a bachelorette party is no easy task. It requires that someone know the bride’s taste in food very well, down to her favorite kind of cake and icing. From there, it’s all about choosing which friend is the best baker or picking a local bakery that everyone loves. Once the flavors are all set, then it’s time to choose colors. While you could match them to the colors of her wedding, it’s not necessary- the bachelorette party is a separate occasion entirely. A cake that’s pink, purple or even zebra print isn’t out of the question!

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Top it Off With Bachelorette Cake Toppers

1Your wedding is supposed to be one of the biggest days of your life. That is why you can’t take this matter lightly. You have to go all out and that starts with having a crazy, exciting bachelorette party planned.

Of course no bachelorette party is complete without bachelorette cake toppers. These items are exactly what’s needed to take your party to the next level. There are all different kinds of cake toppers you can choose from. To name a few, there are the leash cake topper, glittery lips ring cupcake topper and the mini champagne glass topper. Whatever your preference is, there is bound to be a topper for you.

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Bake It Up With Bachelorette Cookie Cutters

1A bachelorette party is the perfect time to get all of your girlfriends together in celebration of your final days of being single. It should be a fun event, a night to remember. One of the ways to really add some flair to a bachelorette party is with creative, cute cookies. But instead of boring, traditional shapes, why not mix it up? Bake it up with bachelorette cookie cutters:

For example, an elegant, classic style is to use ring-shaped cookie cutters. After you’re done baking the cookies, add icing of various colors depending on the style of the ring for cookies that are family-friendly.

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