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How to Arrange an Elegant & Simple Bridal Shower

Planning a simple bridal shower means having basic elements that convey party without being too busy.  Whether simplicity is the theme of your party or the approach you take to planning, choosing classic concepts makes things easier.

Start with invitations that do just that.  Invite guests to your party.  Your bachelorette party details are easily laid out on these timeless Pink Martini Invitations with just the right amount of color pop.  This basic pink and white color palette carries effortlessly over into your decoration selection.

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6 Rules to Inventing Signature Bachelorette Cocktails


Martinis and margaritas are the classics associated with Bachelorette Parties.  Customized party drinks surpass conventional drinking practices for a legendary adventure when you consider the following in your planning.

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How to Choose Naughty Bachelorette Party Supplies



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3 Ultimate Goals Achieved With Frugal Bachelorette Party Planning


Benefits from inexpensive bachelorette party preparation exceed expectations when performed properly.  Whether your low-cost design is due to your intense appreciation for bargains or lack of cash, saving money isn’t the only reward this approach offers.

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Summer Floating with Your Bachelorette Party

RiverPhoto Credit

Floating with your friends is always fun and a great way to spend the day in the sun.  We only have summer for so long so planning a bachelorette party float on the river is a great chance to enjoy the season while it’s here.  Inviting your guests with Zebra Stripes bachelorette invitations is a playful means to communicate party details to your guests without needing customized floating invites.  Customized for your theme bachelorette party invites are super rad when your party guests receive them but with all-purpose ones, you can concentrate on personalized items that will be kept long after your party ends.

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Summer Grillin’ Bachelorette Party

SummerHaving an outdoor bachelorette party with grilled grub and yard games just makes sense in the summertime. Whether you’re having a luau or a fiesta, planning bachelorette party activities to cool your guests in the summer heat is imperative.

Pink Pecker Party Squirt Guns for water fights 😛

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4 Autumn Drink Recipes You Must Serve at Your Bridal Shower

Fall is the perfect time to enjoy the leaves changing color, the nights getting colder, and all of the delicious hot beverages the season provides. Try out these tasty drinks for your next intimate campfire date or bridal celebration.

1. Butterbeer

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Fun Syringe Bachelorette Jello Shots

1People who want to surprise their friends at bachelorette parties often do so by purchasing hilarious party favors. Bachelorette Jello shots are just one example of a party favor that’s commonly seen at bachelorette parties all across the United States and beyond. When people purchase party favors for bachelorette parties, the goal is to find products that are funny, sassy and sometimes even a little bit on the naughty side.

Piña colada shot syringes are frequently seen at gatherings for bachelorettes and their closest friends. This is because piña coladas are popular beverages that often make appearances at these parties. When bachelorette party planners make arrangements, they sometimes buy piña colada shot syringes that, bizarrely enough, are made in the general shape of a certain part of the male anatomy. These shot syringes tend to be transparent. These shot syringes are capable of squirting preferred pudding, liquid or Jell-O shots. Individual syringes typically are equipped with capacities of 1.5 ounces. When people buy these syringes for parties, they generally also come with convenient caps. People typically can purchase these shot syringes in sets that are made out of 15 pieces total, although this varies.

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