Capture Memorable Moments: Bachelorette Party Photos

beach from wedding alter and seating


The wedding day can be a whirlwind for brides, which makes it hard to remember the little details that made the wedding as special and unique as it was. They have been planning for so long and the day flies by in a sea of hugs and pictures.  The bachelorette party might be a bit blurry for different reasons!  That’s why you need to document the bachelorette party with photos .  When you and the bride are old and grey looking back at the fun, these photos will surely bring smiles to your faces.

These days, parties are couldn’t be easier to document.  Everyone has a phone with the ability to post pictures left and right.  Create an official hashtag on Instagram or Twitter so after the party you can check out what the night held.  After all, how many times are you going to see the bride wearing a tiara and waving a willy wand?  A picture as good as the one mentioned above needs to be saved for all time.

Planning a scrapbook  of the night?  Make sure to take a picture with something that has the name of every place you go.  Keep it simple and snap pictures of the sign outdoors or inside with a napkin or coaster.  It would be fun to take pictures in the same pose each time and see how silly things get as the night goes on.

Here at we sell an autograph frame so everyone at the party can leave a note to the bride to be.  You could also have everyone kiss it and sign their names.  Add a picture of the night and it becomes a lovely gift for the bride.

One of my favorite ways to commemorate the night is a before and after picture.  Take a picture as each guest arrives looking fabulous and then another at the end of the night or in the morning.  The results will be hilarious!

It makes sense to take some pictures before the party gets wild. Some people hire professional photographers but you can also just ask a friend, husband or neighbor to snap some shots too. Either way, have someone take a few pictures of the entire group.  Also have the bride take individual pictures with each person attending.  She can print them out for a great personal thank you card.  Just remember, you can never have too many pictures!


(Photo by: via (matt) CC license)

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