Bring Some Sass to the Bar Hop With Fun Drinking Favors

1A night with your best friends is always meant to be fun and exciting. When crafting the perfect cocktails, everyone is looking for something new. Why not jazz up those cosmos or mojitos with some extra flair? There are tons of fun drinking favors available to create the perfect accent to a mixed beverage or shot. Whether it’s a night on the town or an intimate at-home affair, take things to the next level with awesome cocktail accessories.

Whatever the theme of the party is, there are lots of great cocktail accessories. Pick out a few signature drink options depending on what type of party is going to occur. Fun cocktail wear and shot glasses will complete the look of the soiree. Plastic shot syringes and neon tubes will be sure to impress all party guests. Anyone can use a plain old glass; why not go all out?

There are also drinking-related clothing accessories. Shot glasses on a necklace or hat can really spice things up. Denote the guest of honor with an outfit that will encourage everyone to celebrate. The party will be taken to the next level when everyone knows who to toast.

In addition to fun shot glasses and accessories, parties are never complete without an attractive bar. Why not make the center piece a wild ice sculpture? These do not have to cost a fortune; in fact, there are affordable molds in lots of wild shapes that can be made right at home. Ice sculptures are not only for stuffy affairs anymore. Party guests will be amazed at what they see!

Class up your next party with fun drinking favors. Guests will certainly be wowed by the creative and entertaining accessories they see. Centerpieces, bar ware, and even crazy clothes accessories will create an evening your friends will never forget.

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