How to Bring Your Honeymoon to Your Bachelorette Bash

There’s nothing that can possibly top your honeymoon, but you can combine a number of different settings and motifs into one big celebration for your bachelorette party.

The most important part about the honeymoon bachelorette party is to fit as many destinations and fun activities into one evening as possible. For your buffet, host a potluck style affair and ask guests to bring their favorite exotic dish. This will provide a wide array of cuisine for your guests to try and add a diverse menu to the bachelorette bash.

As far as decor, throw caution to the wind with a number of different styles and decorations to exhibit your worldly interests. Want to see the Eiffel tower? Place it in the center of a beach scene with tropical colors. The world is your oyster with the honeymoon theme. You can make all of your destination wishes come to life, even if they don’t make logical sense.

One of the most fun aspects of the honeymoon theme is that you can display some different outfit changes throughout the evening to match your favorite locations. Put on a cocktail dress to hit the clubs of New York, throw on a festive sundress for your beach destination, or don your favorite ski sweater for your imaginary Alps honeymoon.

Let your guests help plan your honeymoon party too. Ask them for exotic locations and suggestions for things to bring. If your bridal party is willing to contribute, request that they bring their own souvenirs from unusual places and vacations. This will involve your guests and provide a fun contest for “most unique knick knack.”

Create a widespread worldly celebration with this honeymoon bachelorette party that incorporates different cultures, locations, and stories.

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