Boost Your Bachelorette Bash With Baking


How much is too much?  I ask this question on a regular basis due to my predilection for the exaggerated.  A baking bachelorette party has risk factor but successful execution is engaging your friends while creating the nomz at the same time.

Party while you bake!

What may seem like work to some is a heck of a good time to many.  Your baking bachelorette party guests will create their own perfect treat and learn new tricks from the brain trust you’ve gathered in the kitchen.

Disposable Jumbo Penis Cake Pan

Disposable Boobie Cake Pan


Invite your guests with confection!

Bachelorette party invites that you… eat??  Ok, so, you should include explicit information on something that isn’t going into someone’s mouth.  An easy-to-store business card with the deets will do the trick.  Also, recruiting an accomplice and planning a weekend to deliver your bachelorette invitations is a savvy approach. 😉

Chocolate Lollicock Tray

Disposable Pecker Cupcake Pan


Treats to serve!

A more traditional approach is having your bachelorette cocktail supplies and baking done before the party starts.  Serving your favorite cake recipe, banana bread, brownies, or even individual gelatin jiggly treats using naughty bits achieves the bachelorette party effect.

Pecker Cake Sprinkles

Super Fun Penis Candy


Baking and beyond…!!

I would have an impossible time deciding which treats to make so I leave you this amazing list of things that I would work all together.  Bachelorette party accessories below may be used solo or paired with anything in your imagination…

Naughty Penis Cookie Cutters

Giant Pecker Cookie Cutters

Tiara Cookie Cutter

Candy Cock rings

X Rated Candy

Gummy Rings, Liquored up!

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