The Best Wellness Advice for Your Bachelorette Party

Planning your bride-to-be’s bachelorette party with a focus on wellness is easy when you consider how many ways health applies to every aspect of life.


Physical Wellness

Start the planning with a general healthful approach to treating your bachelorette party guest’s bodies.  This can be done as easily as organizing bachelorette party favors intended to hydrate (or re-hydrate if alcohol is involved 😉).  Big Pink Pecker Party Cups or Light Up Jumbo Pecker Cups are perfect for replenishing H2O and convenient with straws and lids!h2o


Recreational Health

The best bachelorette gift ideas are those that give healthy fun options for the bride-to-be after the party ends.  Bedroom Baseball and Foreplay Football are the most popular bachelorette gifts when it comes to games and Massage Candles top the list for gifts that promote


Emotional Health

Providing an emotionally positive atmosphere is important at all times but during your friend’s bachelorette party, it is essential.  Positive future thinking with Pink Martini Advice Cards and the memories stored in the Bachelorette Autograph Frame are bachelorette party activities that promote the affirmative healthy environment that will follow your bride long after the party ends.activities



Nutritional wellness is something that can’t be undertook in one party.  Planning healthy snacks and drinks is an obvious option but one that works well in general for bachelorette parties.  The best advice here is to use this opportunity to discuss nutritional tips that you and your party guests have found that work.  From healthy recipes to tricks to stay active or motivated, this is perfect party conversation for your wellness bachelorette party.nutrition


Wellness and health can take many other roles in your party plan so please share your thoughts in the comments!!  Find more party ideas and share your ideas with me on Pinterest!

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