Bake It Up With Bachelorette Cookie Cutters

1A bachelorette party is the perfect time to get all of your girlfriends together in celebration of your final days of being single. It should be a fun event, a night to remember. One of the ways to really add some flair to a bachelorette party is with creative, cute cookies. But instead of boring, traditional shapes, why not mix it up? Bake it up with bachelorette cookie cutters:

For example, an elegant, classic style is to use ring-shaped cookie cutters. After you’re done baking the cookies, add icing of various colors depending on the style of the ring for cookies that are family-friendly.

Or consider tiara shaped bachelorette cookie cutters for a sparkling fun time. After all, the bride-to-be should be treated like the princess she is, especially during her party. Add silver, edible baking balls to make these pop and everyone will be asking for more.

And for something slightly naughty and fun, there are corsette-shaped cookie cutters. This versatile shape can resemble a traditional corsette or even a wedding dress if you choose to decorate with bright, white icing. They can be decorated with edible glitter and dark frosting for an extra seductive look.

But even more spicy are the pecker shaped cookie cutters. Shaped like a man’s “special place,” these are the perfect party gags to the get the night started right. You can keep it simple and silly, or depending on the guests in attendance, go overboard with multi-colored cookies for every race. Be sure to warn grandma though, and keep the kids away. It’s a bachelorette party after all.

Mixing up the stale traditions of a bachelorette party is simple and fun by using a cookie cutter shape that will surprise and delight all the girls. From wedding rings, to lips, to very risque shapes, you can express your creativity and sense of humor while honoring the special girl before she ties the knot.

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