Bachelorette Party Theme: Secret Spy Agent

bachelorette blue spy wigYour Mission if you Choose to Accept it

Here at Bachelorette Superstore, we are always paying attention to party ideas and bachelorette theme concepts. It’s an industry where fun and new ideas are always emerging. We want to share a fun and unique bachelorette party theme with you! Some of us are hoping for a second bachelorette party because this theme is certain to please and make for a memorable night.

Secret Agent Bachelorette Party Theme

Whether you are doing a scavenger hunt, bar crawl or even a day time party like geocaching, this theme would be a blast. You can start right of the bat by surprising your bride. Arrange for a mysterious “spy” to meet your party group and give out the mission. The bride’s dad or brother might be the perfect choice for this role. Of course, you have the itinerary planned ahead of time with obstacles and “items” that must be collected at every spot.

Spies Have to be Ready for Anything

Wigs and mustaches are a must as is a peni magnum squirt gun for defense. Perhaps a touch of sexy body shimmer lotion to seduce your way out of trouble. Try out a fedora, but turn out the lights for that interrogation.

Your night ends when the mission has been completed. That can be anything from checking everything off your list to reaching a certain destination. Of course you could always rescue some hostages who look suspiciously like the groom’s party. This party theme makes for a night the bride-to-be will never forget!

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