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With Summer and warm weather come weddings and bachelorette parties. Our bachelorette party inflatables increase the fun and make your party stand out from the rest. Whether you party indoors or outside, these fun party accessories are sure to be a big hit!

Chances are the guests who attend your bachelorette party will attend more than one this year. While the general theme of these parties is the same, there are ways to make sure your guests don’t get bored, and don’t feel like they’ve seen it all already. We all know nothing kills a party mood quicker than the feeling of “here we go again”. Celebrating the bride-to-be is important, and you might even say a right of passage, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to have a unique and entertaining event! However, you don’t need to spend endless time and energy finding different games, decorations, and food ideas.

It’s possible, and more enjoyable for everyone, to keep things simple yet exciting. I recommend talking to the bride-to-be ahead of time to get an idea of what she wants her bachelorette party to look like. That will help you decide what type of food/drinks to serve and what kind (and how many) games to play. Plus, it will help you keep your sanity! That being said, there are a few fun accessories that you can add that will instantly up your party game. Read on for our top 3 bachelorette party inflatables.

Captain Pecker

Captain Pecker is a 6 ft inflatable that just might steal all the attention! He’s definitely going to get everyone talking. Plus, he’s not only an inflatable, he’s a punching bag too…..and he always gets back up!

Captain Pecker

Midget Man Inflatable Ring Toss

Simply inflate the Midget Man and he is ready to hit the floor and let your party guests toss rings on him. If your party is headed out at some point, take Midget Man with you. He is sure to be an attention grabber!

Midget Man Ring Toss

Inflatable Peter Love Doll

Like most guys, this hunk likes getting blown – just add air! Let him greet your party guests at the door, and don’t forget to take him along if you hit the town.

Inflatable Peter Love Doll

These are our top 3 bachelorette party inflatables, but we have many more to entertain your party guests. Shop our Inflatables

Our inflatables will take your party to the next level, and your guests are sure to be entertained. Simply add air for instant party fun!

*Party Tip: Use the inflatable as a prize for a game and let the winner take the inflatable home!


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