When a Good Cake Turns Bad: Bachelorette Party Fail

Let’s face it. Not all of us have that crafty talent gene. You know that friend I’m talking about, the one who offers to make the centerpieces, sew a veil or bake a cake that everyone else knows will turn out very different from the vision she has in her head. So what are you to do when she offers to make the cake for the bachelorette party? Sometimes you just grin and bear it.

You would think it isn’t that hard to make a penis cake. After all there are cake pans so I’m not sure what the baker is going for here. The tongue sticking out really adds to the whole look.

penis cake for bachelorette party

This one looks more like a Sci-Fi gun than something you want to put in your mouth. And the bottom squiggles are kind of creeping me out!

white penis cake for a bachelorette party

Considering this one is made of twinkies and sno-balls it isn’t that bad–the little arms are hilarious.

twinkie and sno ball penis cake for bachelorette party

The shape and texture for most of this cake look good but I don’t want that “hair” anywhere near me!

realistic penis cake for bachelorette party

This one has to be my favorite.  Someone got creative with flavors and you know they had a perfect picture of what it would look like.  This is not that picture.

penis cake for bachelorette party

At least these bachelorette parties had a great story to pass on!

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