Bachelorette Party Accessories: Are You Wigging Out?

bachelorette party accessoriesI’m amazed at the amount of accessories we have for a bachelorette party.  You can wear your shot glass around your neck, let a sash tell the world your bride is having a last night out or go subtle with a sticker.   But every bachelorette needs something on their head! Check out these bachelorette party accessories that will make it a night to remember.

If you are heading out for the night a rainbow of wigs give you that mysterious and fun feeling.  It is just the right touch of anonymity to let you get silly and flirty plus it looks great and you don’t have to worry about a bad hair night.

If you are going for simple a nice rhinestone tiara can be elegant and a bit discreet.  Want to light up the room?  The noodle bopper will draw attention to your party right away and if you run into a parade or conga line you fit right in.  Go a little naughty with the condom veil and no one can say you were not prepared for a long and sexy night.  Just be careful with those safety pins when decorating the veil!

I never had a bachelorette party so while I’m at work I mentally plan one every week or so.  This week my picture includes a group of my friends hanging out wearing the light up fedora while chatting with men way to young for us and eating really great desserts.  Hmmm come to think of it, that just might be my next girls’ night out.

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