Awesome Festivals for Your Bridal Shower

Step outside and enjoy the beauty of summer by heading to a local festival for your bridal shower. Check out some of these great types of festivals for you and your guests to enjoy.

Beer Fest

Although October is usually associated with big beer festivals like Oktoberfest, many major cities have a local beer week or beer festival during the summer. Sample a diverse selection of IPAs, stouts, pilsners, and more from a wide array of different national and local brewers. Your bridal shower guests will love the diversity of the event and appreciate an outdoor festival.

Outdoor Music Showcase

Summer is made for huge music festivals. Travel to one of the major music festivals happening this summer like Bonaroo or Lollapalooza for a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience or seek out local music festivals near your own city. Open air music showcases are common in the summer and it gives you and your bridal party a great chance to dance, enjoy the open air, and show off your best festival outfit.

Art Fair

If you’re feeling creative for your bridal shower celebration, check out an art fair that showcases artist’s work. From t-shirts to portraits, vases, and woodwork you won’t be bored at an art fair. Go with your guests to appreciate the diversity of the art or plan to add a piece to your favorite room. Either way, you and your guests will have a lot of fun figuring out what art style you like best and seeing something new.

Cultural Festival

Since the weather is getting warmer, many cities celebrate the people and places that make them unique with a cultural festival. A cultural festival is a big mix of everything including live music, dance, beer, food, crafts, and lots of fascinating things to learn about other cultures. This bridal shower outing is perfect for the worldly bride who wants to experience something exotic while celebrating with her best friends.

Choose a local street fair or a national event, either way you and your guests will have a great time.

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