How to Arrange an Elegant & Simple Bridal Shower

Planning a simple bridal shower means having basic elements that convey party without being too busy.  Whether simplicity is the theme of your party or the approach you take to planning, choosing classic concepts makes things easier.

Start with invitations that do just that.  Invite guests to your party.  Your bachelorette party details are easily laid out on these timeless Pink Martini Invitations with just the right amount of color pop.  This basic pink and white color palette carries effortlessly over into your decoration selection.

Stick to a short list of colors in your décor.  Use streamers, swirls, and danglers for color infusion with mild yet intricate profiles.  These bridal shower decoration choices also provide influence with diamond ring shapes that pair well with other customary icons such as heels or hearts.

Creating a “signature drink” is a popular project right now.  This is also a clever way to keep your bachelorette cocktail supplies to a minimum.  Make a big batch of Pink Fizzy which has only 3 ingredients and brings the pink color to your refreshments.

Planning a laidback dress code for your party simplifies everyone’s party preparation.  Use the same short list of colors as your foundation and add a fun twist for the bride.  This glittering bride sash is perfect sophistication alongside the veiled cleanness this classy bride hat offers.

A ring hunt using diamond ring bachelorette party favors mixes bridal shower games and gifts for your guests.  Use light up options as well for a surprise to your guests.  Follow that with an easy game of “What’s in your Purse” where all guests can (probably) participate!  Make a mock purse stash stocked with fun substitutes like pecker lipstick and keys that open nearby furry handcuffs for guests not carrying a purse.

With these few tactics and the bachelorette party supplies at, you can ensure a simple bridal shower with delicate and dainty elegance.

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