6 Rules to Inventing Signature Bachelorette Cocktails


Martinis and margaritas are the classics associated with Bachelorette Parties.  Customized party drinks surpass conventional drinking practices for a legendary adventure when you consider the following in your planning.

Tailor for the Bride

Knowing your bachelorette and her drinking preferences makes you the perfect signature cocktail stylist.  You can use her existing drink of choice together with your creative juices to inspire a brand new flavor potion.  For the Sexy Devil Bachelorette who loves vodka, spinning a standard lemon drop cocktail with grenadine will give the red shade to match her devilish costume.

Incorporate Party Theme

Diamond Ring Shot Glasses can be filled with your take on the princess martini recipe to guarantee your princess party theme is extraordinary.  Consistently including party theme in every aspect of your bachelorette party supplies helps maintain the feel even after tiaras and boas are removed.

Choose Ingredients

Your ingredients will determine the amount of work required to produce your distinctive drink.  One of the most popular bachelorette party ideas for refreshments is jello shots as they are easy boozy options but require prep.  If you are providing for a large group, simpler drinks dressed up with Diamond Ring Ice Cubes or naughtier Pecker Ice Cubes communicate party spirit without intricate process.

Assign Drink Receptacle

Choose bachelorette cocktail supplies specifically to pair with your signature cocktail.  Whatever your drink creation is, particular cup selection enforces the effect.  For example, variations of mimosas taste marvelous when served in light up champagne glasses and even better when served in light up pecker champagne glasses.

Be Creative!!

Start off with unusual options like the Naughty Schoolgirl and create possibilities like the “Naughty Bachelorette” through Penis Sucker substitution.  The bachelorette party products available as drink garnishes are as endless as your imagination is to use them!

Designate Driver

Your bachelorette cocktails can be strong or weak but any that contain alcohol should include a designated driver.  Design your party to provide entertainment in a safe way and everybody wins!

Using these steps and the bachelorette party supplies available from BacheloretteSuperstore.com, your signature drink is certain to satisfy!

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