6 Notorious Bachelorette Party Plans

6 Notorious Bachelorette Party Plans

When you choose your bride-to-be’s bachelorette party theme, the simplest way to go is with one of the six notorious bachelorette party plans that have stood the test of time.  Many of these ideas are able to be grouped together if your bachelorette’s tastes are more complex but starting with one of these main six models will definitely make bachelorette party planning more relaxed.

Bridal Shower

While this option is available in addition to the bachelorette party, some bachelorettes prefer this single event.  Many brides are requesting traditional parties or a sole bridal shower in place of a wild night out.  Arrange bridal shower games and activities that you can comfortably participate in with the mothers of the bride and groom.bridal-shower



Now this is where the “stereotypical” or, at least, most well-known bachelorette party supplies dwell.  There are so many naughty bachelorette party supplies to choose from due to the popularity of this theme.  Starting from naughty bachelorette party invitations to bake-ware to… well, pretty much every aspect of your party can be willy-oriented.naughty



For an adventurous bachelorette, turning the plunge into marriage a reality with bungee-jumping or sky-diving is guaranteed to blow her mind!  Standard bachelorette accessories are perfectly acceptable to add to the experience as long as they are secured and fitted snugly.thrill



Planning a sleepover is an excellent affordable option and is made even better with budget bachelorette party supplies offered from BacheloretteSuperstore.com!  Relive temporary tattoos and bright lipstick all in one inexpensive night while bonding with your girlfriends!sleepover



Vegas, Hawaii, or even a road-trip are possible and popular ways to celebrate your bride-to-be.  Decorate your ride with fantastic TEAM BRIDE Car Flags and this Outta Control Bachelorette Car Decorating Kit to share your bachelorette decorations with fellow drivers. 😂 Don’t forget to pack the bachelorette party games and make sure to pick ones easy to carry upon arrival at your destination.  Dare To Do It Cards are compact and have 52 truth or dare cards.destination



This party plan has so many possibilities!  The one consistent tip I have found is to always use new lingerie!  Whether you arrange a fashion show or base your bachelorette party games on the theme, this style is always a win!lingerie


Find more bachelorette party themes and ideas on Pinterest!

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