6 Must-Have Desserts to Serve at Your Bachelorette Party

A well stocked and beautifully decorated dessert table is an inventive way to add a little extra style and culinary prowess to your bachelorette party. Whether the dishes are dirty or elegant, these sweet selections will be the hot topic of your event.

1. Chocolate Covered Bananas

This dish puts a whole new suggestive spin on a classic summer food. All you have to do is dip sections of bananas into warm chocolate, decorate with sugar crystals and sprinkles, then set them on a tray to cool. This can even double as a fun activity to do with the bridal party.

2. Penis Cake

No bachelorette party is complete without a nice, moist, penis cake. Penis cake molds are inexpensive, the cake is easy to make, and it can be decorated with sprinkles, frosting, or whatever else you need to put a creative spin on the dish. Just make sure there is enough for everyone to get a slice.

3. Festive Cut-Out Cookies

There is a wide array of cookie cutters you can purchase to personalize the treats according to the bachelorette party theme (such as rings and high heels) or it can be another excuse to make dirty cookie penises and panties. Plus, you can make dozens of cut-out cookies with very little time and effort.

4. High Heel Cupcakes

These cupcakes are for people who can only truly express themselves through baking. High heel cupcakes combine the spongy softness of cupcakes with the satisfying crunch of a cookie. This dessert is customizable with color and style to match any theme and will definitely earn you compliments among cooking and shopping fans alike.

5. Bride and Groom Cake Pops

These are an absolutely adorable little dessert that will show your attention to detail and your love for cake on a stick. This recipe only requires you to bake cake pops, then dip them in the appropriate melted white or dark chocolate. This is another dessert that can also be used as a group activity. Form an assembly line and get to dipping those tiny cake grooms!

6. Mini Wedding Cakes

Mini wedding cakes are a great dessert to show the bride you care, but not outshine the big cake on her wedding day. The little cakes only take five minutes of prep time and will give you a chance to try out your decorating skills. You can even buy novelty cake toppers to poke fun at the bride to be.

Don’t limit yourself with your dessert options. With these examples you should strive to make something unique, luscious, and maybe just a little raunchy.

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